Opening Committee

Opening ceremony

The grand opening is one of the highlights of the New Year’s Ball. Register for the opening committee with your dance partner now and enjoy a glittering ball night to remember on New Year’s Eve!

Grand opening ceremony in the Zeremoniensaal: 10pm
Grand opening ceremony in the Festsaal: 10.30pm 


Please note that you will be required to meet the following conditions if you wish to join the opening committee:

  • Mastery of the Linkswalzer (reverse turn)
  • Age: 17 and over
  • Dress code:
    Ladies: snow white ball gown (no crinoline), white gloves, white shoes 
    Gentlemen: black tails, white gloves, black patent leather shoes
  • Application & Information: Registration via the dance school website: The Elmayer Dancing School

Exact dates will be released here in autumn.

Benefits for debutantes

  • Tickets: Free admission to the HOFBURG Silvesterball for you and one other person. Discounted tickets (e.g. for parents) available on request, can only be booked by the member of the opening commitee.
  • Hospitality: As a member of the opening committee you will be invited to dine on the New Year´s Eve.
  • Styling from GUERLAIN for all women of the opening comittee
  • Styling-Set from GUERLAIN for all women of the opening committee