Opening Committee

Opening ceremony

The grand opening is one of the highlights of the New Year’s Ball. Register for the opening committee with your dance partner now and enjoy a glittering ball night to remember on New Year’s Eve!

Grand opening ceremony in the Zeremoniensaal: 10pm
Grand opening ceremony in the Festsaal: 10.30pm 


Please note that you will be required to meet the following conditions if you wish to join the opening committee:

  • Mastery of the Linkswalzer (reverse turn)
  • Age: 17 and over
  • Dress code:
    Ladies: snow white ball gown (no crinoline), white gloves, white shoes 
    Gentlemen: black tails, white gloves, black patent leather shoes
  • Application & Information: Registration via the dance school website: Dancingschool Elmayer

Please find exact dates here from autumn 2019.

Benefits for debutantes

  • Tickets: Free admission to the Silvesterball for you and one other person. Discounted tickets (e.g. for parents) available on request, can only be booked by the member of the opening commitee.
  • Hospitality: As a member of the opening committee you will be invited to dine on the New Year´s Eve.
  • Styling from GUERLAIN for all women of the opening comittee
  • Styling-Set from GUERLAIN for all women of the opening committee